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    Full of energy, always playful, loving, endearing, and happy best describe the Japanese Bobtail’s personality. They are very people-oriented and want to be the center of family life. The will watch TV with you, help you read the newspaper or a book, and they love to help you send emails on the computer!The tail is unique not only to the breed, but to each individual cat. Like out finger prints, no two tails are ever alike. The tail must be clearly visible and is composed of one or more curves, angles, or kinks, or any combination. The furthest extension of the tailbone from the body should be no longer than three inches. The other unique feature that distinguishes this breed from other breeds is that the back legs are slightly longer than the front legs, giving the back legs a very muscular appearance. The head of the Japanese Bobtail is triangular, and their ears are upright and at right angles to the head. Their eyes appear oval rather than round, giving an oriental cast to the face. They are a medium-sized cat, with males being slightly larger than the females. Japanese Bobtails come in many colors: solid colors, mi-ke (calico), vans, and bi-colors. They can have a tabby pattern which is either spotted, mackerel, or classic. They also come in two different coat lengths – longhair and shorthair - and are known for their soft and silky coats.The Japanese Bobtail is one of the oldest naturally occurring breeds of cat and is native to the islands of Japan. From written records it seems certain that the domestic cat first arrived in Japan from China or Korea at least one thousand years ago.Japanese Bobtails are very strong and healthy cats. They usually have litters of three to four kittens that are large for newborns. Compared to other breeds, the kittens are active earlier, walk earlier, and start getting into trouble earlier! This breed has a low kitten mortality rate and a high disease resistance rate. Kittens are never born tailless, nor are they born with full tails. They are active, intelligent, talkative cats. Their soft voices are capable of nearly a whole scale of tones; some people say they sing. Since they adore their human’s companionship, they almost always speak when spoken to.
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